Holiday/Special Catering Menu

Holiday Menu

  • Easter Salad Or Cucumber Salad

    Mixed organic greens with pickled eggs, cucumber, tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, red onion & champagne vinaigrette Or Cucumbers, red onion, peppers & apple cider vinaigrette

  • Brown Sugar Glazed Boars Head Sweet Slice Ham

    Smoked uncured, no nitrates or MSG & gluten free

  • Potato Gratin Or Mashed Potatoes

    Made with shallots, rosemary & cheese Or Buttery Mashed Potatoes

  • Green Beans Or Grilled Asparagus

    Green beans with roasted shallots Or Grilled asparagus with olive oil & garlic

  • Sweet Dinner Rolls


  • Quiche

    Choice of Tomato Bacon, Asaragus Asiago, Cauliflower Scallion Havarti Dill or Spinach Mushroom

  • Our French Toast Bake

    Made with blueberries, cream cheese, cinnamon & sugar served with maple syrup

  • Assorted Scones

    Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry & Cranberry